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Learn the Ducks at Juanita Bay Park
November 28, 2015
Green Lake
December 05, 2015
Work Party: Audubon BirdLoop at Marymoor Park
December 05, 2015
Juanita Bay Park Interpretive Tour
December 06, 2015
Samish & Skagit Flats
December 09, 2015
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Why Join Eastside Audubon?

Your membership in Eastside Audubon benefits birds, the community — and you!

Male Rufous Hummingbird by Larry EnglesBenefits to Birds and the Community

Your membership supports:

    • Habitat restoration in local parks and natural areas
    • Surveys of nesting and migrating bird populations
    • Scholarships for college-bound high school seniors
    • Summer camp scholarships for middle school children
    • Grants to teachers for reusable classroom materials
    • Nature education events for families and adults
    • Advocacy for birds and wildlife at the state, county and municipal levels
    • Action for environmentally responsible energy policy and mass transportation
    • Pursuit of wildlife-friendly alternatives in east King County development
    • Citizen science projects

Please note: Membership in Eastside Audubon is separate from membership in National Audubon. By joining your local chapter, you support education and conservation close to home. At the same time, Eastside Audubon conservation programs align with the Pacific Flyways strategy of National Audubon. That means your membership at the local level has hemispheric significance.

Benefits for You

As a member of Eastside Audubon you can:

    • Learn about birds and sharpen your birding skills with help from experienced birders.
    • Meet people who enjoy birding and the outdoors.
    • Volunteer in an area you care about.
    • Attend members-only events.
    • Be part of a team for the Christmas Bird Count.
    • Take birding classes for reduced fees.
    • Receive our e-newsletter, The Corvid Crier.
    • Hear thought-provoking talks by experts on birds and nature.
    • Improve your photography skills with our Bird Photo group.
    • Give back to the community and nature.

Join now!


Photo: Male Rufous Hummingbird, by Larry Engles

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The mission of Eastside Audubon is to protect, preserve and enhance natural ecosystems and our communities for the benefit of birds, other wildlife and people.