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Page Field Trip Highlights
Folder Field Trip Highlights Articles
Articles containing the highlights of past trips, including the birds seen on each trip.
Collection All Previous Field Trip Highlights
Information on all our past birding trips and what we saw. After Christmas Bird Counts, the list is arranged alphabetically by location.
Collection Recent Field Trip Highlights
Information on our recent birding trips and what was we saw. Trips are listed in reverse chronological order based on the date the trip reports were posted, so the order of trips is approximate.
Collection Past Field Trip Highlights (Chronological)
Information on all our past birding trips and what we saw. Reverse chronological order is based on the date the trip report was posted, so the order of trips is approximate.
Article Purdy/Key Peninsula Field Trip (Oct. 31, 2009) Highlights
14 birders had a surprisingly, considering the forecasts, good day for the trip. We started at the south end of the bridge to Fox Island. This location is always a very good start to the trip as many species can be found here.
Article Malheur NWR Trip (May 17-22, 2010) Highlights
Twelve birders went on this EAS field trip to the Malheur NWR. Seven left on May 17 for the 500 mile drive to Burns, OR. Two left a day earlier and visited John Day area. Hugh Jennings two sisters drove from San Jose, One woman flew to Bend, rented a car and drove to Burns. Four days were spent birding in the Malheur NWR area.
Article Whidbey Island Field Trip (August 21, 2010) Highlights
Eight Eastside on birders enjoyed a full day birding on Whidbey Island on Saturday, August 21st, ending the day with 79 bird species and an interesting mammal list. A Rhinoceros Auklet was seen from the ferry dock just before leaving.
Page Mercer Slough Field Trip (August 27, 2012) Highlights
Seven other birders joined Hugh Jennings for this Monday Hotspots trip to the Mercer slough. It was a beautiful, sunny day in the upper 60s. Typical of August the birding was rather slow, not many birds vocalizing and difficult to see birds in the dense foliage.
Image Red-tailed Hawk by Ron Stoner
Image Cedar Waxwings by Ron Stoner
Image Birders at Mercer Slough by Hugh Jennings
Image Bald-Faced Hornet's Nest by Ron Stoner
Page Greener Herons Hatch Urban Birdathon by Bus
Our Urban Birding by Bus trip for Birdathon 2013 in May was an unqualified success. Seven of us wound our way through eastside urban birding locations via public transportation.
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