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Camano Island Field Trip (2/21/04) Highlights

It was very foggy when we arrived at Eide Road near Stanwood. We heard Snow Geese but could not see them in the fog.

A Lincoln's Sparrow sat in full view giving everyone a good look. Trumpeter Swans flew quite low and looked like flying ghosts. After the sun burned through the fog, it was a beautiful day.

A flock of Red Crossbills were scoped on Moore Road, near the Camano Island airport. The crossbills were feeding quietly on the cones near the tops of the conifer trees. More times than not, they are at this spot this time of year.

A Peregrine Falcon was scoped as it perched in a bare tree near Maple Grove Road that goes down to the boat launch. At the boat launch two Sanderling made a brief appearance. At least two Savannah Sparrows were seen at Iverson Spit Wildlife Habitat Area. A Red-throated Loon was close in and seen while we had lunch at Cavalaro County Park.

The field trip was a full day for 7 birders, that included 69 bird species. Raptors were represented by 28 Bald Eagles, 22 Red-tailed Hawks, 3 Northern Harriers, a Peregrine Falcon, Merlin, and Rough-legged Hawk. The Rough-legged Hawk and Merlin were seen on Boe Road, Snohomish county.

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