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Make Your PCC Grocery Dollars Count for Birds

If you shop at PCC Natural Markets, you can earn money for Eastside Audubon’s work on conservation and education — and it won’t cost you an extra cent.

PCC scrip is just like a cash card, and you can use it at any PCC store for any purchase.

How It Works

PCC Scrip Logo 2013Simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Purchase a rechargeable PCC scrip card through the EAS office for $25. PCC donates 5 percent of your initial $25 scrip card purchase to EAS.
  2. Use your scrip like cash at any PCC store. Every dollar on the card buys a dollar’s worth of PCC food and merchandise.
  3. Recharge your scrip at any PCC checkstand any time you shop, over and over again. PCC will donate 5 percent of the amount you add while treating your card value like cash, dollar for dollar. (Minimum recharge is $50.)

Get Started With PCC Scrip for EAS

Start by buying your scrip card from EAS, in either of these ways:

  • Contact the Eastside Audubon office by email or at 425-576-8805.
  • Bring a $25 check to any program meeting. Make it out to Eastside Audubon, write PCC Scrip in the memo field, write down your address if it’s not on your check, and give it to any board member or to Zoe Allen.

It's Easy

Shopping with scrip at PCC is an easy way to contribute to the chapter that costs you nothing, and the PCC donations really add up. We thank PCC Natural Markets for offering us this simple way to raise funds for EAS programs.

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