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Bird FAQs

Find the answers to the questions that Eastside Audubon receives most often about birds and birding. If we don't answer your question here, please call us at 425-576-8805.


How can I attract birds to my yard?

You'll find ideas and inspiration at these links about landscaping for birds and wildlife.


I've found a bird in trouble. What do I do?

Use our resources for bird emergencies.


Where are the good birding spots?

Visit our Birding Best Places.


How do I feed hummingbirds?

Basic recipe and tips for feeding hummingbirds


Can you help me identify a bird I saw?

Our Bird Gallery is a good place to start.


Robins are flying at my windows and pecking at them. Why?

An explanation, and how you can help the birds


Woodpeckers are drumming on my house. What shall I do?

Eastside Audubon member Hugh Jennings likes these answers.


What is the Washington state bird?

It wasn't an easy win for the Willow Goldfinch (a.k.a American Goldfinch). tells the back story.

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