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Create Your Own Birdathon

You don't have to be an expert birder or chase down 100 species in a day to be part of Birdathon. Many small efforts add up! Here's how you can make an impact by birding your own way.

Where You Want, When You Want, How You Want

Bend one of these Birdathon ideas to fit your life, or come up with something all your own.

    • Choose a favorite park and bird it once a week during May, or only once.
    • Take a Mother’s Day walk with your family and set a goal to see 10 or 20 kinds of birds. Have your children draw a bird they see as a thank you for your supporters.
    • Take your children on a bird scavenger hunt using our checklist of common neighborhood birds.
    • Take photos. Make a pledge for each bird species you capture, or ask friends to pledge and send your photos to say thanks.
    • Bird from the bus on your way to work, or bird near your office with a colleague during breaks.
    • Fill your feeders, make a cup of coffee, and relax in your back yard.
    • Invite friends over for brunch and casual birding on your deck.
    • Take one of the Birdathon trips or walks, and pledge or seek pledges for the species you’ll see. View them here or on the EAS Calendar.
    • If you’re traveling in May, bird on the way there, on the way home, or wherever you are.
    • Count birds on your daily walk with your dog.

If you're not keen on asking people for pledges, just pledge to yourself and enjoy your Birdathon!





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