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Birding Resources

Learn more about what to wear, binoculars, and birding etiquette. Find links to other birding organizations and hotspots, and travel information.

Article Pacific NW Bird Nest Records
Information for obtaining forms to report active nests of known birds.
Article Bird Survey Results
Folder Nest Pics and Video Cams
Watch nesting real time! Osprey and others.
Folder Gallery
Learn about bird species!
Link Searchable Ornithological Research Archive (SORA)
Issues of Western Birds from 1970 to 2004 are now fully searchable on SORA (the online "Searchable Ornithological Research Archive"). Quickly call up all 32 articles involving the keyword "Washington" from Western Birds, ranging from Terry Wahl's account of a Short-tailed Albatross record in 1970 to Christopher Thompson et al's description of a Long-billed Murrelet record from eastern Washington in 2003. For those of you not familiar with SORA, this is an amazing resource. In literally seconds you can search the full text of thousands of scientific articles from nine leading North American ornithology journals, and can download unlimited numbers of PDFs (or Djvu files) for free. Depending on the journals, articles go back as far as 1884, and forward as far as 2005. Check it out (but be careful; it's addictive): Tip offered in Tweeter's newletter by Jay Withgott of Portland, OR
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