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Carpool Fees and Guest Policies

The fees and policies on this page apply to Birding Field Trips, Bird Photography Field Trips and Native Plant Walks. 

Nature Walks for Beginning Birders and Family Nature Walks are local walks, which do not require carpools.  Guests are encouraged to attend any number of these short trips at no charge since the goal is to introduce them to the natural world and to Eastside Audubon.

Carpool Fees

The birding field trip chair has a list of carpool fees for all birding field trips and publishes these fees in the trip description.  These fees are revisited if gasoline prices change greatly.

Bird photography trip leaders and native plant walk leaders can approximate the current fee structure by charging 10 cents per mile per rider. 

If a driver has a full car and wishes to charge a lower fee per person, that is their choice, but trip participants should plan on 10 cents per mile.

Note:  As of January 1, 2009, other birding, native plant, and outdoor organizations are charging from 10 cents to 15 cents per mile per rider for their trips.

Guest Policies

Guests are always welcome on Eastside Audubon field trips. You are, however, encouraged to become part of our organization if you enjoy yourself and want to join us on future field trips.  All trip leaders carry Eastside Audubon brochures, which include a membership form.  Of course, guest donations to our non-profit organization are always welcome.

Note that membership is the best way to become familiar with the many things Eastside Audubon does that might interest you (e.g., conservation projects, youth and adult education, field trips, birding events, programs, workshops, and more). 

Liability Waiver

Each field trip participant must fill out the sign-in sheet before leaving the trip meeting place.  In doing so, you are agreeing to the following liability waiver:

"In consideration of my participating in this activity:
I, hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors, assigns and personal representatives, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages I now, or may hereafter have, whether now known or unknown, against the Eastside Audubon Society or its members, for any injuries suffered by me in connection with participating in this activity."

Trip Leaders

You can download field trip sign-in sheets/report forms at the links below:



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