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Citizen Science

What Is Citizen Science?

“Citizen Science is about learning, empowerment, building a constituency, as people count birds for conservation.  Audubon’s vision is to engage citizens in asking questions about their environment, and to help them gather information to answer questions that they and professional biologists are asking.  By being part of the process, it is our vision that a growing number of people will become empowered to take action on behalf of places important to them and important to wildlife, giving birth to a new culture of conservation.  Local citizens will conserve their own natural resources through Citizen Science engaged by Audubon’s people-focused conservation activities.”  National Audubon Society

Eastside Audubon Citizen Science Programs

      National Audubon (and Partner Organizations) Citizen Science Programs

      • Christmas Bird Count
        Longest-running wildlife census to assess the health of bird populations
      • eBird
        Web-based checklist program that provides individuals with the means to contribute to a collective memory of the birds they see
      • Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC)
        Four-day count held each President’s Day weekend
        • Project FeederWatch
          Winter survey of birds that visit feeders in backyards and other locations, November through early April
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