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Tesoro Savage Petroleum Terminal

Eastside Audubon's and Audubon Washington's comments on the Tesoro Savage Petroleum Terminal.

In late January, 2016 EAS submitted comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for this project, proposed at Vancouver, Washington.  If built, it would be the largest oil terminal in North America, with its 360,000 barrels per day capacity about half of what would have been carried in the Keystone XL pipeline.   The terminal would receive 4 trainloads per day of mid-continent shale oil.  Eventually the sources could include tar sands oil from Alberta as well.  The mile-long tanker trains would all come through the Columbia Gorge to Vancouver’s riverfront terminal where the oil would be trans-loaded to deep-draft tankers.  From there, the loaded vessels would travel approximately 100 miles further downriver to the Pacific Ocean and then north and south to refineries in California, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii.

EAS’ letter expressed support for environmental impact objections raised by many other individuals and organizations, including Audubon Washington.  Our letter also stressed the increased potential impacts created by a recently-enacted federal law that will allow exporting U.S. oil to foreign nations.  Considering Vancouver’s strategic location in relation to fast-developing Asian markets, we wrote that Washington’s Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) must augment the DEIS to cover increased cumulative impacts of this new federal law.  The oil transportation impacts would occur throughout the Columbia River Valley and estuarine environment downriver from Vancouver.  We also recommended that EFSEC consider diverting significant volumes of mid-continent crude oil southward to California refineries via rail routes other than the Columbia River route preferred by the Tesoro Savage organization.


Eastside Audubon's letter

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Here is Audubon Washington's letter on the Tesoro Savage Petroleum Terminal, with an emphasis on related bird science.

Audubon Washington's letter

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