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2006 Work Parties - 2nd Half

Jul '06 - Therese Eby and Sunny Walter Double Up on a Weed Wench
Jul '06 - Therese Eby and Sunny Walter Double Up on a Weed Wench


During the second half of 2006, our Audubon BirdLoop at Marymoor work parties continued their focus on blackberry and Scotch Broom removal.  Boy, are there a lot of invasive species trying to take over our natural area.  We also hosted our first Microsoft Day of Caring event.

We worked hard behind the scene on designing our interpretive signs, our interpretive kiosks, the boardwalk extension, and the gate between us and the off-leash dog area.  Our native plant team is making surveys to get ready for our winter plantings.

July 2006

The only sure-fire way to remove Scot's Broom is to pull out the long tap root.  We made use of the county's "weed wenchs" and even purchased some of our own.  This seemed to be the only effective tool that could accomplish this task. 

Join our Audubon work parties and grow young and strong.  Sometimes it took 2 people to operate the bigger weed wenchs on the biggest clumps, but we persisted.

September 2006

In September we hosted Microsoft Corporation for their Day of Caring

December 2006

We ended the year with another successful blackberry clearing work party. As you can see, we don't let the cold weather deter us and are actually warm from our exertion by the end of the morning.


All images taken by Sunny Walter

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