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Bird Friendly Communities

Resources to create a bird friendly backyard!

 Bird Friendly Communities help counteract the impacts of development by restoring, enhancing and protecting a landscape that allows for native bird species to survive in a growing community.  By creating open spaces that are wildlife friendly, starting with your own backyard, and encouraging your friends and neighbors to do the same we can create and protect important habitat for wildlife, allowing for a better environment for birds and for people.    


Start building your own Bird Friendly Backyard today!


Landscaping for wildlife means providing a wildlife friendly environment which includes food, water, shelter and eliminates pesticides

Here are some ideas on creating your own Bird Friendly Backyard:


Native species naturally evolved in a given area and provide food and shelter for native wildlife.

For plants native to Washington State check out:


Invasive species are introduced species that can outcompete native species and threaten the local ecosystem.

To learn more check out:


Get involved in your community

  • Join a work party to help remove invasive species at your local park
  • Speak with your community leaders about restoring and maintaining important wildlife habitats in your area
  • Join a bird count or citizen science project
  • Join your local Audubon chapter and spread the word


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