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Recycling on the East Side

Eastside Audubon's best tips on how to recycle items that the weekly pickup won't take

nullBy Bev Jennings and Jill Keeney
Last updated August, 2013


Batteries should never be put into the trash or household recycling, and they are not accepted at recycling events held in King County cities.

However, many local libraries and the Whole Foods stores have drop-off bins for batteries. They are also accepted by hazardous waste dumps such as the Factoria Transfer Station. We suggest keeping a container at home for all used batteries, from hearing aid to large flashlight sizes, and dropping them off periodically.

Foam and Plastics

The best way to recycle styrofoam is the Styrofest in Kirkland. They will take meat trays, plastic bags, expanded polyethylene foam, (#6 or EPSm on it), bubble wrap, plastic film, expanded polystyrene, and stretch wrap. They will not take packing peanuts. They are located at 915 8th street, Kirkland, and will be open 3/12, 4/9, 6/11, 7/9, 8/6, 9/10, 11/12, and 12/10 in 2016. See the flyer here.

EAS is also a big fan of this entrepreneurial business in Kent:

23418 68th Avenue South, Kent.

Styro Recycle


Never put prescription drugs or over-the-counter remedies in the trash or flush them down the toilet. Some local drug stores will dispose of these for you. Two examples: Bartell Drugs at Bellevue Village or Bridle Trails. Ask at your pharmacy. Leave the meds in their individual containers.

Prescription Bottles

King County Solid Waste declares these bottles with snap lids not recyclable. Dispose of them (empty) in the trash. Yes, there is a recycling symbol at the base of prescription bottles, but unless a container has a threaded cap it is trash. These are presently not useful to the humane society.

Tyvek (DuPont) Mailers

These bags and envelopes, often used to mail medications and printed materials, can be collected and mailed to:
CFS Recycling
337 A Industrial Drive
Petersburg, Virginia   23805

You may send up to 25 total envelopes or bags. To mail them, turn your largest bag or envelope inside out and put your smaller bags in side it. Write the address on the outside envelope with permanent ink. Close securely.

Recycling Tyvek

Useful Links

1-800-RECYCLE (Washington Department of Ecology)

Computer Recycling Questions (Recycle Techs)

Local Hazardous Waste Management Program (King County)

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