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Future Scientist Wins EAS Scholarship

Jadon Schiller, a senior at Bellevue High School, has been chosen by the Youth Education Committee to receive Eastside Audubon’s Brian Gershon Scholarship for a college-bound high school senior.

By Mary Britton-Simmons

Jadon SchillerJadon’s application stood out for his commitment to the environment.

As an intern with the Lake Washington Watershed Internship Program, he has logged nearly 300 hours of volunteer service.

He has conducted riparian habitat restoration and monthly stream monitoring of local creeks and has assisted in launching a new multi-year photo-monitoring project on the stream health of Coal Creek.

In addition, Jadon has taught environmental education programs on the water cycle, watersheds, and habitats to students at a local elementary school.

Bound for UW

Next year Jadon will bring his dedication to environmental stewardship, natural history, and his community to the University of Washington, where he will major in science.

The $1,000 scholarship was named for Brian Gershon, a longtime EAS board member who developed the chapter’s first website in 1997.

Photo: Jadon Schiller, by permission of the Schiller family

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