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Ways to Birdathon, 2014

Birdathon is for everyone, and you can support the effort any way you like.

Bird for Pledges

Birding for pledges means setting aside some time in May to bird and asking a few friends to make a donation for each bird species you see.

You don’t have to be a master birder or have a huge list of contacts: Multiply a few birds by a few friends and you can make a meaningful contribution.

If you’re not comfortable asking others for pledges, just pledge to yourself and have fun birding!

Here’s a recap of some ideas that may inspire your own original Birdathon:

    • On May 4, take a walk in Juanita Bay Park with the Eastside Park Rangers, and count the species you see there.
    • Print out our Common Neighborhood Birds Checklist and go on a bird scavenger hunt with your family.
    • Make Birdathon a reason to get up from your desk every day during work and find a few birds during lunch.

More ways to create your own Birdathon

Pledge or Donate

Like the idea of birding for pledges but don’t have time this year? You can pledge to one of two rival teams likely to record more than 100 bird species on one Big Day: the Karismatic Kestrels with Andy McCormick ( or the Whidbey Wing Dings with Hugh Jennings (

And if you prefer to keep things simple, there’s no better time than this year’s Birdathon to make a donation. Please click Donate on this page (above, right) or write a check to Eastside Audubon and mail it to:

P.O. Box 3115
Kirkland, WA  98083

Take a Birdathon Walk or Trip

Get into Birdathon by going on one of the field trips or birding walks on the May EAS Calendar.

Can’t go? Please consider pledging to someone who’s heading out, or even supporting a trip leader for the whole month’s birding. Just email the EAS office noting which trip or leader you’re supporting and how much you want to pledge per species. We’ll follow up with you.

Special thanks to our wonderful trip and team leaders for the extra effort they put into making Birdathon fun for everyone!

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