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2012 Financial Report

Income last year was healthy, thanks to Eastside Audubon volunteers.

By Dora Rajkhowa, Treasurer

Financial results for Eastside Audubon in 2012 were impressive. Thanks to successful fundraising events and dedicated volunteers who helped keep expenses low, our net income in 2012 was $33,300 — more than twice the previous year’s!

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In May members made another strong showing for Birdathon, raising $15,745 through donations and pledges.

Plant Sale Sensation

Another strong fundraising event was the Pacific Northwest Native Plant Sale in April. After all costs, we earned $6,000 for the chapter. (See page 2 about how to do it again in 2013.)

Over the holiday season volunteers brought in $3,600 by wrapping gifts at local REIs. This annual event continues to be fun and profitable.

The chapter’s focus on increasing membership showed concrete results. New and returning members paid $15,625 in dues. This is an increase of $6,900, or 79 percent, over the prior year. The membership drive included sending out reminders as renewal dates.

Grateful for Grants

During the year Eastside Audubon received more than $13,500 in donations, including generous gifts from the Melody S. Robidoux Foundation, which made a grant of $5,000, and from Geary and Mary Britton-Simmons, who donated $2,300 to the plant sale.

Birding classes brought in $2,625. All classes offered in 2012 sold out thanks to excellent teachers and passionate members.

By the end of the year, the annual appeal fund drive had raised $5,500. This is not as much as we had hoped, but the appeal is still a welcome source of income.

Many Talented Volunteers

The energy of our volunteers is reflected in our ability to keep expenses low. We have our people out in the field, leading bird trips, performing community outreach, working to improve Marymoor Park, and creating holiday gift bags.

Volunteers also assist with all kinds of behind the scenes functions necessary to keep an organization running: computer setup and troubleshooting, putting together the monthly newsletter, posting signs and fliers for publicity, and assembling mailings.

For 2013, the Board hopes to continue the fundraising momentum and membership strength we built in 2012. We are always looking for new and fun ways for the chapter to be successful. Our members and donors make it possible.

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