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Chapter Takes Added Precautions with Email Lists

Eastside Audubon has removed links from our website that previously enabled sending a message to an entire EAS mailing list in one click.

The action came after an innocent subscriber error that resulted in an irruption of emails that were unwanted by most recipients. The website change is intended to reduce the chance of a repeat occurrence and to reduce the risk of exposing our members to spam from outside EAS, though no spam has not been reported.

If You Mail to an EAS List

If you are a project leader who is used to using the website to send emails seeking volunteers, this change may affect you. If you don't have the volunteer opportunities list address in your files, please contact the EAS office when you need to send out a request for volunteers. Allow a few days for the office to reply.

If You Are a Subscriber to a List

You can help EAS avoid annoying email irruptions in the future. If you subscribe to any of our five lists — Announce, Conservation, Crier, Opportunities, or Photo — please never use the From address to launch an email of your own. Kindly address your email only to the personal inbox of your intended recipient.

If you receive a message with one of those five addresses on the From line and you click Reply, your reply will go to everyone who received the original message — possibly hundreds of people. As a general rule, please direct your messages only to others’ personal email addresses. Put another way: Please send email only when you know exactly who is going to receive it.

If you have EAS business and don’t know what address to use, please email Zoe Allen and the office volunteers will do their best to help you in a timely way.

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