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Eastside Audubon Greets New Members

Eastside Audubon is delighted to welcome 18 friends who became chapter members during the last quarter of 2012.

With program meetings, the plant sale, and Birdathon all coming up, we’ll have lots of opportunities to say hello in person to:

Marilynn Albert, Sarah Devine, Diana Durden, G. Shane Egeland, Diane Gelotte, Sheri Grimes, Eric Johnson, Janet and Arthur Kuller, Keats Landis, Theresia McLynne, Antonio Montanana, Moira Ohl, Erik Paulson, Kelly Raber, Susan Runyon, Sabine Saway, Dorothy Simpson.

And to Helen Murphy-Robinson, a special “Welcome back!”

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The mission of Eastside Audubon is to protect, preserve and enhance natural ecosystems and our communities for the benefit of birds, other wildlife and people.