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Tim McGruder: A Thank You

With tremendous appreciation, longtime Eastside Audubon member Tim McGruder was recognized at the annual Volunteer Dinner in January for his many years of service on the chapter’s board of directors.

Tim served on the board for 14 of the past 15 years, ending his final term in December. He first joined the board in January, 1998, as Conservation Chair, and he served in that capacity through December, 2005.

Perspective from Many Vantage Points

Tim McGruder, January 2013, by Mick ThompsonAfter a one-year break, Tim again served as Conservation Chair through December, 2009. In 2010 he moved over to the Development Chair. Finally, in January, 2010, he took an at-large board seat with a focus on Marymoor Park; he continued in that role for two additional years through December 2012.

With his long experience, Tim provided invaluable perspective not only on the chapter’s history but on that of Audubon in Washington as the board debated its position on state-level policy. He has taken a thoughtful approach toward finding the balance between chapter tradition and innovation in response to emerging challenges.

As a tribute for Tim’s service, the chapter gave him a framed enlargement of a photograph showing him with volunteers at the native plant salvage day he organized last December in Redmond.

Classic Tim

That project was a classic example of Tim’s ingenuity and energy. After leading Eastside Audubon’s efforts to prevent the loss of habitat to development at the defunct Group Health campus in Redmond, Tim spotted the opportunity to give the at-risk native plants there a second life where they could benefit birds and wildlife on the Audubon BirdLoop at Marymoor Park.

He made the necessary connections with stakeholders in the property, then mobilized a broad base of community volunteers and organized the food and transport for half-day workathon that netted more than 700 native plant specimens for the BirdLoop.

Still Leading

Tim plans to continue to volunteer with Eastside Audubon and focus his work at Marymoor Park. He also remains in charge of identifying and scheduling guest the speakers we enjoy at our monthly program meetings. Thanks, Tim, for all you have given to Eastside Audubon.

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