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Corvid Crier Goes All Online in June

Eastside Audubon's newsletter will become an e-newsletter in June, 2013.

Bittersweet as it is to report, this edition of The Corvid Crier is the last that will appear in print.

On June 1, the Crier will become an e-newsletter: You’ll receive it in your email inbox as a message containing summaries of the month’s stories and announcements, with links to the Eastside Audubon website for details.

When a tradition gives way to a new technology the change can be unsettling. The Crier has been coming out in print since 1979, and the Eastside Audubon board hasn’t taken lightly the decision to change the way members receive their news. (See the April Corvid Crier about reasons for the change.)

We’re taking steps to minimize the disruption. Whether or not you can receive email, you’ll have ways to stay on top of chapter news and find out about each month’s activities.

And if you’re the kind of member who likes to post the monthly trip schedule on the fridge, you’ll be able to do that, too.

To Receive the E-newsletter

If you already receive the Crier by email, you don’t need to do anything to continue to receive it as an e-newsletter.

If you currently receive the Crier in print, please look to the right side of this page and click Subscribe.

If You Have No Access to Email

If you have no way to receive email or visit the website, please phone or write a note to our office assistant, Zoe Allen. (Contact information.)

We can arrange for you to receive a schedule of each month’s activities and discuss your other needs.

Fridge-friendly Activities Schedule

Each month we’ll put a link on our home page to a printable schedule of walks, trips, speakers, and events. Try it now: In the right-hand column of this page, click May Activities.

If you have a friend in the chapter who cannot access the internet, please consider printing out the activities schedule for him or her.

News Fit to Print

On the website we’ll also post the month’s news stories and features in a format that will allow you to print them individually. In the right-hand column, click Current Headlines.

Again, if you have a friend in the chapter who cannot access the internet, please consider printing and sharing the news.

During this transition, we want to hear your suggestions. Please contact Mary Brisson: or 425-829-8110.

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