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Banner Year for Native Plant Sale

Despite rain and a chilly wind, this year’s Eastside Audubon Pacific Northwest Native Plant sale equaled the record-shattering results of 2012.

The sixth annual sale raised $8,271 for Eastside Audubon's education and conservation programs, reports sale manager Geary Britton-Simmons.

Geary grew the sale plants at his home nursery and organized their preparation and transport for the sale, as well as the marketing and promotion.

Melinda Bronsdon ran the ground game at Kirkland Children's School, Jill Keeney covered set-up, Margaret Lie managed the bake sale, and Linda Gresky produced the kids’ activity table along with daughter Mimi. Zoe Allen oversaw the cashier desk. And they all played major roles in advance planning.

Unfazed by the Weather

Ruth Godding and Carol Ray, by Mick ThompsonWhereas last year’s event took place under brilliant spring skies, this year many customers woke to drenching rains, and a nippy wind discouraged lingering on the sale grounds.

Even so, this year's sale had exactly the same number of purchasers as last year's. “Considering the cold afternoon weather, I think we did pretty well,” Zoe said.

All the more credit to the 50 or 60 volunteers who braved the elements to make the sale run well. “That is an amazing thing,” marveled Geary.

View our 2013 Plant Sale Volunteers photo album on Facebook. (No account required.)

Planning for Success

About 10 of the 120 available plant species were sold out by 11 in the morning, Geary reported. Some were rarities, and some were plants that didn’t move as well last year — evidence that Geary’s job of planning the sale is a complex and challenging task.

Yet he had praise only for the dozens of volunteers who helped prep plants for months in advance, did the heavy lifting of transport and staging, and offered guidance to shoppers on sale day.

Said Geary, “We do it for a more wholesome environment for the birds, other animals and for the human race!”

Photo: Ruth Godding and Carol Ray stand ready to consult with Native Plant Sale customers. Photo by Mick Thompson.

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