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Plastic Foam Recycling, Closer to Home

Thanks to Caren Park for putting us onto a Woodinville business that recycles Styrofoam and similar waste.

ECO Foam Recyclers is a nearby alternative to the service in Renton where Bev Jennings, Jill Keeney, and other volunteers have been delivering EAS members’ discarded Styrofoam.

Plus: ECO Foam Recyclers accepts plastic film, packing peanuts, and a wider variety of foam products.

No more need to let that stuff pile up until there’s an EAS meeting if you’d rather just take it to Woodinville and get it out of your way.

Visit the ECO Foam Recyclers website for services, hours, and directions.

You may also bring your plastic foam waste to program meetings for EAS volunteers to take to Woodinville.

Thanks for keeping insidious plastic waste out of the landfill!

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