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Thanks to Comcast from EAS

In just a few hours on an April Saturday, 78 Comcast employees obliterated invasive blackberries and thistles and just about anything else that didn’t belong in the meadow at the Audubon BirdLoop at Marymoor Park.

Comcast Cares Day 2013 at Marymoor Park, by Olivia ReidIt would have taken 10 people showing up for a year of Eastside Audubon’s first-Saturday work parties at the BirdLoop to do what the Comcast Cares Day volunteers did on April 27.

And by doing it all at once at the beginning of the growing season, they made an immeasurable impact on the health of the meadow habitat.

Eastside Audubon and King County Parks heartily thank the Comcast Cares Day crew for a day of fun and inspiring effort.

About the BirdLoop

The meadow at the Audubon BirdLoop at Marymoor Park is nesting ground for Savannah Sparrows, Tree Swallows, and many other birds.

Come out to the BirdLoop any time and enjoy the birdsong and bustle of the breeding birds around the healthy meadow. Park in Lot G ($1 fee) and start your walk at the Audubon kiosk.

Or join us for one of our Audubon BirdLoop habitat restoration work parties, the first Saturday of every month from 9 a.m. to noon.

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