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You and the New Corvid Crier E-newsletter

Now for the first time, the Eastside Audubon newsletter is all online.

By Mary Brisson

Welcome to The Corvid Crier by e-newsletter.

Today you’re seeing the same stories that we’d be running if we were printing The Corvid Crier, now in a format that we can deliver more economically, more timely, more widely, and more … green-ly?

Print Options

If you would like to have your monthly chapter news in print, we have a few options for you.

  • To print out a fridge-friendly list with all of the month’s events and birding activities, please visit the Eastside Audubon home page, look on the right for the heading Corvid Crier, and click Printable Newsletter. We’ll regularly post a similar activities list on the home page along with every Crier.
  • To read the month's articles on paper rather than on the screen, please visit the home page, look on the right for the heading Corvid Crier, the link for the current months Headlines. You can select any story and print it out if you like.

Why You Got the E-newsletter

Immense thanks to Larry Engles and Zoe Allen for their work to prepare our email address list so we can be sure you’re getting this newsletter.

In case you’re wondering, you’ve received The Corvid Crier if we have your email address and one of the following describes you:

  • You’re a current member of Eastside Audubon and have given us your email address.
  • You subscribed to the e-newsletter through the EAS website or asked us to add you to the list.
  • You’ve made a donation to EAS or volunteered with us and have given us your email address, though you aren’t currently a member.
  • You’re a current member of the National Audubon Society (NAS) and NAS has designated Eastside Audubon your local chapter.

How This Works

If you’re getting more than one copy it means we have more than one email address for you. You can solve this by unsubscribing at the bottom of any email we’ve sent to an address you don’t want us to use.

If we have a misspelling or other error in your name and you would like us to correct it, please drop us an email.

Speaking for the EAS board, we hope you’ll like the new newsletter. If you have suggestions, please send them to Lori Danielson, Online Newsletter Editor.

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