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Did You Join EAS to Give Back?

If you’re one of the many Eastside Audubon members who joined the chapter to get involved with the community, please make sure you’re on our email list to receive notice of volunteer opportunities.

To let us know you’d like to be on the list, just send a quick email to:

While We're on the Subject ...

Qinglin Ma and Margaret Lie, by Mick ThompsonEastside Audubon would benefit greatly if one volunteer stepped forward to be Volunteer Coordinator for the chapter. In this role you'd help match volunteers to the tasks that need to be done and work with committee chairs, project leaders, and board members to plan the work that depends on volunteers.

You'd also help the chapter identify ways to influence the community through volunteer activities and find opportunities to meet potential new volunteers.

If you can see yourself in that role, please send a note to Shane Egeland, EAS vice president.


Photo: Volunteers Qinglin Ma and Margaret Lie sling the sweets at the 2013 Pacific Northwest Native Plant Sale, by Mick Thompson.

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