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Recycling Tip: Meat Trays and Takeout Clamshells

Even these ubiquitous foam discards can now be recycled with a minimum of preparation.

By Bev Jennings and Jill Keeney

We're fortunate to now have a foam products recycling business on the east side. ECO Foam Recyclers of Woodinville accepts clean, dry material — any Styrofoam or plastic used to protect items during shipping.

You can recycle foam meat trays and clamshells (#6 polystyrene) if they are free of food stains and food odors. Wash with a little soap then rinse and let stand to dry. If food stains persist, toss them into trash. To recycle them, bag them separately.

Foam peanuts should be bagged separately as well.

Questions? Call Bev at 425-746-6351.

Thank you for helping to save our planet!

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