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Revised Bylaws Coming Up Soon for Member Vote

Over the past several months the Eastside Audubon Board of Directors has been working on a revision to the chapter bylaws. We have agreed on a final draft for review by all chapter members, and it is in the editing process.

By Andy McCormick

EAS members will receive the proposed bylaws in August. Then, at the September general meeting, members will vote whether to accept them. A two-thirds vote of members attending that meeting is needed for the revised bylaws to pass.

The board had several reasons for undertaking the revision. Among them:

  • Many suggestions over the past two years that we adopt term limits for board members
  • Relaxation of National Audubon requirements for the structuring of local chapters
  • Evolution in the activities and organization of some EAS committees, beyond what the earlier bylaws envisioned
  • Practical changes in the chapter’s operation that have been necessary but were not documented in the bylaws

Term Limits

The proposed new bylaws state that the term of a board position will remain at two years and add that the number of consecutive terms on the board in any position will be limited to three.

The board will have the option to waive this limitation if circumstances warrant allowing a member to continue serving. A member will be able to run for election again after being off the board for two years.

National Audubon Requirements and EAS Committees

National Audubon no longer requires the fixed committee structure it once did for local chapters. Each chapter can decide for itself how its work will be organized and what committees it needs.

The proposed new bylaws for EAS no longer include a list of standing committees with fixed committee names. In its place is a summary of the typical tasks of an Audubon chapter. This change will allow the board and future boards much greater flexibility to organize the work of the chapter to suit needs that may arise.

Practical Changes

The proposed new bylaws also:

  • Add structure to the process of developing an annual budget
  • Clarify procedures for electing new board members
  • Provide for a functioning Nominating Committee

In addition, many revisions have been made to the language, logical organization, and formatting of the bylaws. The new document will be much more readable and functional.

Let Us Hear from You

The bylaws serve as the legal basis for the operation of the chapter, and they provide guidelines that support action and service to the community. The current board wants the bylaws to be a document that future board members can use to structure their work.

We think you will like the changes. Once you see the new version, please let us know what you think.

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