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Foam Recycling: You Can Do It!

With ECO Foam Recyclers now in Woodinville, our Audubon chapter will no longer provide transport for any recyclables.

By Bev Jennings and Jill Keeney

Styrofoam of rigid structure as well as other foam materials and certain plastics are all accepted at ECO Foam.

We thank the many kind people who, for almost two years, have transported materials collected at our monthly meetings and taken them to south Renton and most recently to Woodinville. We are grateful so much has been kept out of our landfill.

Now you can take your Styrofoam to the Woodinville site or to Marilyn Lauderdale’s Styro Recycle in south Renton. Marilyn helped ECO Foam get started.

If you have questions please contact Bev Jennings, at 425-746-6351.

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