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Election in Sight, Candidates Not So Much

Election of board members will take place at this month’s general meeting on Thursday, November 21, and the existing directors are still hopeful that other Eastside Audubon members will step forward as candidates for open positions.

Positions scheduled for election and currently without candidates are:

    • Financial Development Chair
    • Membership Chair
    • At-large Director (three positions available)

Also open is the position of Secretary. Linda Gresky, who has been Secretary since January, has announced she will run in this election for Vice President.

Linda was appointed to the position of VP by the Board of Directors at its October meeting She replaces Shane Egeland, who resigned earlier in the month. Linda so far has no opponent for the position, which under the recent bylaws change comes up for election in odd-numbered years.

Running unopposed for re-election to their present positions are:

    • Treasurer Dora Rajkhowa
    • Conservation Chair Pete Marshall

Healthy Board, Healthy Chapter

The existing board wants to provide more opportunities for birding and is working to create programs to encourage bird friendly communities and a clean energy future. For these efforts to have an impact on the East Side, we need more leadership power on the board.

In addition, a complete board will be necessary for EAS to continue providing the services that members expect, from birding activities and speaker programs to publications and advocacy.
“It’s all about our mission to enjoy birds, protect them and teach others about them,” says President Andy McCormick. “You have a role to play. We will help match your skills to the needs of the chapter.”

If you’d like to talk about becoming a candidate for the board, please get in touch with Andy or any of the executive officers or board members. We will be happy to sit down with you and answer all of your questions.

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The mission of Eastside Audubon is to protect, preserve and enhance natural ecosystems and our communities for the benefit of birds, other wildlife and people.