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Family-Friendly Project FeederWatch Starts November 9

You and your family can become backyard scientists and contribute to bird conservation by taking part this winter in the twenty-seventh annual Project FeederWatch.

Purple Finch (Female), by Mick ThompsonBy monitoring the birds that visit your yard during winter, you can help experts follow trends in bird populations and movements. Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Bird Studies Canada operate the program.

Counting starts November 9 and ends April 4, and you can jump in any time before the end of February. You set your own schedule for counting and reporting, and if you take a winter vacation you can resume your count when you get back.

Outdoor Enjoyment for the Indoor Months

Veteran FeederWatchers often say what an enjoyable pastime the project is during our rainy season and how much they learn by watching their backyard birds on a regular schedule. It’s not uncommon to begin to recognize individual birds and notice differences in their behavior.

Organizers say Project FeederWatch is unique for providing weekly readings on where birds are and are not. With observations made in back yards throughout the season, year after year, scientists can spot gradual changes when they’re occurring in a bird’s wintering range.

How to Get Involved

To find everything you need to enroll and get started in the program, visit Project FeederWatch.

After enrolling, you’ll receive a kit containing instructions, information to help with bird feeding and identification, and reporting tools.

The website also has many worthwhile pages about feeding birds, solving tricky bird IDs, and using the Project FeederWatch as an educational resource in the home or classroom.


Photo: Purple Finch (female), by Mick Thompson

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