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Linda Gresky Elected EAS VP

EAS members elected former chapter secretary to be Vice President and re-elected two other officers at the general meeting November 21.

Linda GreskyIn remarks to members after the voting, Linda said, “One thing I love about this organization is there are a lot of opportunities for families to do things around birds and birding.”

Linda will work as VP to help new volunteers find areas of interest and connect with other members. She has been on the board for a year and is developing our Bird Friendly Communities campaign for launch in 2014.

If you would like to volunteer in any capacity with EAS, please email Linda. And feel free to bring a friend!

Treasurer and Conservation Chairs Re-elected

Re-elected to their board positions were Dora Rajkhowa, Treasurer, and Pete Marshall, Conservation Committee Chair.

Introducing the candidates, president Andy McCormick noted Dora’s thorough and regular reporting on EAS’s accounts and obligations. “We know exactly where we are financially,” he said.

Andy pointed out that Pete’s professional background in writing and reviewing environmental impact statements has been an asset to EAS’s advocacy work. Lately Pete has actively been arguing EAS positions on issues ranging from coal transport to Marbled Murrelet habitat.

The three officers were elected as a group by acclamation, with no dissent. They will serve two-year terms beginning with their inauguration, scheduled for the January 23 general meeting.


Photo: Linda Gresky, with permission

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