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Thanks(for)giving Time for EAS!

I want you all to know how much I appreciate the time, energy, and funds that so many members donate to Eastside Audubon.

Andy McCormick by Mick ThompsonBy Andy McCormick

As I come toward the end of my fifth year on the board and my second year as your chapter President, I want to take this opportunity to say Thank You to everyone.

I am writing this before Thanksgiving. In my role I get to see what is going on throughout the chapter and I have to say, without all your volunteer hours, I could not be an effective President. The chapter is the members and its volunteers. Here are many areas where volunteers are instrumental:


Volunteers, some for 15 years or more, organize and lead field trips. Some lead a trip every month. Volunteers organize our birding classes and some instructors volunteer their teaching time. Birding volunteers also lead sections of the Christmas Bird Count.


Volunteers show up and work on the first Saturday of every month at Marymoor Park, where we have built a BirdLoop complete with beautiful interpretive signage, also planned and installed by volunteers. We have volunteers participating in community committees at Marymoor and Lake Sammamish State Park. Volunteers attend community events to testify and write letters regarding conservation and environmental concerns about birds and their habitat. Volunteers go to Lobby Day to support conservation bills in the state legislature.

Youth Education

Volunteers — some for as long as 10, 13 and 19 years — provide instruction on birds to children in their classrooms and during summer camp programs. Others mentor high school students. For many years these volunteers have been stalwarts in representing the chapter at community events. Volunteers coordinate the chapter’s grants to teachers and scholarships to graduating high school students each year.

Monthly Meetings

A volunteer finds all the speakers for our general meetings. Other volunteers organize the hospitality and have drinks and delicious snacks available for every meeting, even when we meet in other cities and towns in the service area.

The Corvid Crier and Website

Volunteers write the stories, take the photos, and lay out and publish the newsletter on schedule ten times a year.

Volunteers produce photos and content and update the website on a regular basis.


Volunteers help staff the office. They manage the computers, software, and office equipment, and they back up all our records.


Volunteers follow-up on questions from members, maintain the records for members, and send reminder notices for renewing memberships and welcome letters to new members of both Eastside Audubon and National Audubon who live in our service area.

Board of Directors

Volunteers serve on the Board of Directors and take responsibility for establishing programming chapter activities, keeping the books and financial records, maintaining minutes and other chapter records, and leading committees and projects.


Volunteers lead Birdathon field trips and ask their friends and family members to support them and the chapter. Other volunteers turn out to stuff envelopes for the Birdathon and Annual Appeal mailings. Still others wrap holiday gifts to raise funds for the chapter. For many years volunteers organized and ran the Pacific Northwest Native Plant Sale for the chapter.

Thank you again. I appreciate all that you do for Eastside Audubon.


Photo: Andy McCormick, by Mick Thompson


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