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Volunteers: Please Report Your Hours by December 20

It’s time to tally up the hours you’ve worked as a volunteer for the Eastside Audubon during 2013, information that’s important for grant applications and annual reporting to National Audubon.

December 20 is the deadline for volunteers to send in their data. Hours reported after December 20 will be rolled over into next year’s figures.

How to Report

Simply record the total hours you’ve worked this year in each major category of effort, such as “Membership” or “Publicity.” No need to be specific about dates.

Please record only those hours that haven’t already been reported on volunteer sign-in sheets turned in by event or project leaders. Examples of work that leaders may have reported include office staffing and Marymoor habitat restoration.

Leaders of this year’s Holiday Gift Wrap program will report those hours.

Please email your information as soon as possible, and no later than December 20, to:

Appreciation for Margaret Snell

Margaret Snell, by Mick ThompsonEastside Audubon thanks Margaret Snell for compiling all the hours that chapter volunteers and project leaders submit each year. It’s a big job!


Photo: Margaret Snell, by Mick Thompson

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