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Requests, Anyone? Seeking Suggestions for Speakers, Programs

Antonio Montanana has recently volunteered to take on the job of scheduling Eastside Audubon's fourth-Thursday programs. He'd like to know what you you'd like to hear.

By Antonio Montanana

Eight times each year, Eastside Audubon's monthly general meeting features a program on a topic of interest to our members, such as birds, wildlife, plants, conservation issues, or nature travel.

The programs are free and open to the public, and over the years some excellent guest speakers have informed us on a wide range of interesting subjects.

The evenings also serve as a great way for members to connect with each other during the social time prior to the program.

Send Your Suggestions!

Having recently volunteered to take over the task of scheduling our programs from Tim McGruder, I’d like to ask for feedback from you. For example:

  • What topics are of most interest to you?
  • What are your ideas for future programs and recommendations for presenters – perhaps someone you've seen at lecture? (And do you have contact information?)
  • Are there past programs you’d like to get an update on, or missed programs you’d like another opportunity to see?

Feel free to send your feedback now or anytime an interesting topic or speaker crosses your path. Please email me now or in the future with your suggestions:

With only eight dates available each year, we may not be able to handle all the suggestions we get, but your opinions are important and may influence the direction our programs take moving forward.

Thank you for your suggestions.

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The mission of Eastside Audubon is to protect, preserve and enhance natural ecosystems and our communities for the benefit of birds, other wildlife and people.