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Eastside Audubon Income Strong in 2013

With the books closed on last year, our treasurer reports that Eastside Audubon income was solid and expenses remained well under control.

By Dora Rajkhowa

Eastside Audubon had a very successful 2013 in financial terms. Our net income for the year was $99,800, the result of a record-breaking Birdathon and a robust plant sale, generous donations from our members, and a continued focus on keeping expenses as low as possible.

Fundraising Finesse

Thanks to the efforts of chapter volunteers and the leadership of Geary Britton-Simmons, we had another profitable native plant sale last April. We took in $11,600 during the sale. After all expenses, mostly for the plants, the chapter was left with an $8,000 profit.

Birdathon in May raised $33,300. Teams, trip leaders, and EAS families made an extra effort to maximize the $15,000 matching grant offered by the Melody S. Robidoux Foundation. We reached our goal and wish to thank the foundation once again for its generous incentive. Our Birdathon net was $32,000 after expenses for printing and mailing.

Our gift wrapping volunteers again turned in a strong performance around the holidays in 2013. Net of expenses, the fundraiser brought $2,800 to the chapter. Leah Morris, Roberta Lewandowski, and their team did it with fewer wrapping dates than in 2012.

Dues a Little Down

Dues from new and returning members were $16,000 for 2013. This is about $2,000 less than in 2012, mainly because we have not always had volunteers available to get renewal reminders out as promptly as in the past.

If your membership has lapsed, please send in your renewal now. If you are not sure, please contact the office to find out your renewal date: or
425-576-8805. Membership dues provide the funds to keep our chapter going.

Donations from members throughout the year and during the annual appeal brought in another $10,000. Although this was a decrease of $2,000 from the year before, the board appreciates the continuing generosity of our members and those who donated this year.

Employer matching funds were $3,200 for the year, a $1,000 increase from the previous year — so keep those company matches coming! If you are not sure if your company matches charitable contibutions, please check with your human resources department. This is a wonderful way to help Eastside Audubon!

Money Well Spent

Expenses in 2013 were, overall, similar to those in 2012. One new item was a $2,000 donation to Audubon Washington to help support a statewide chapter coordinator. Chapters throughout the state are jointly funding the Seward Park-based position, whose role is to unite Washington chapters in driving habitat protection.

The coordinator, Jennifer Syrowitz, has been effective in establishing communication with and among the chapters. During the legislative session just ended, she regularly advocated on issues important to many members of Audubon, communicated about the support needed to advance the cause, and reported the results of legislation on the agenda in Olympia. Eastside Audubon is her home chapter.

Bird Friendlier in 2014

EAS starts 2014 in a good financial position. The board is working diligently on new programs, with a focus on National Audubon’s Pacific Flyway strategy and our related program to promote a bird friendly community on the Eastside. We have some exciting ideas that we hope to be able to move forward with during the coming months.

Thanks again for your support in 2013 as we look forward to another successful year.

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