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Robidoux Foundation Repeats Birdathon Challenge Grant

For the second straight year the Melody S. Robidoux Foundation is offering a $15,000 matching grant to Eastside Audubon for Birdathon.

Note: Since its original publication in April, 2014, this article has been updated for reissue in May.

Every year during May, Eastside Audubon members raise funds by birding for pledges, pledging to those who do, and attending special events and birding trips.

This year, as last, the Robidoux Foundation has very generously promised to match every Birdathon dollar we raise, up to a grant of $15,000.

Western Meadowlark, by Larry EnglesThe foundation is a philanthropic organization created by its namesake. Her husband, Mick Thompson, serves on the foundation board and is the EAS chapter photographer.

More for Our Effort

The Robidoux challenge means a successful Birdathon will multiply the impact of this year's Birdathon fundraising on our conservation and education programs.

In 2013 Eastside Audubon members raised more than $18,000 to meet the challenge, and the resulting grant brought our Birdathon total to more than $33,000!

We can do it again, with everyone's help.

It’s exciting to think about how much more we can do for birds, wildlife, and our communities by meeting this generous challenge, and we’re grateful both for the challenge and the Eastside Audubon volunteers who inspired it.

Photo: Western Meadowlark, by Larry Engles

Start Thinking Birdathon

There’s a way for everyone in EAS to be part of meeting the Robidoux challenge during Birdathon. Please see Create Your Own Birdathon for ideas, and download a printable schedule of Birdathon 2014 walks and trips.

Of course, if you’re most comfortable celebrating Birdathon by simply making a direct donation to the chapter, there is no better time than this May. Every contribution of any amount gets us closer to our $15,000 goal.

Eastside Audubon thanks you.

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