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Issaquah Celebrating Crows and Ravens

An art and lecture series in Issaquah explores our fascination with these intriguing birds.

American Crow, by Mick ThompsonThe strange familiarity of crows and ravens has intrigued humans for centuries. ArtEAST Art Center, an Issaquah-based nonprofit, is bringing together human responses to corvids in “Crow/Raven: Magic and Mystery,” an exhibition of two- and three-dimensional art and a series of public lectures.

This celebration of crows runs from May 30 through July 12 and begins with an opening reception at artEAST Art Center in downtown Issaquah on May 30.

Series highlights include an afternoon with authors, artists, poets and crow enthusiasts on June 8 and a lecture by world-renowned ornithologist and author Dr. John Marzluff on June 16.

Events will take place throughout Issaquah. For a complete schedule and additional details, visit

Photo: American Crow, by Mick Thompson

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