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Heritage Park Eaglet Dies

Partial remains of a baby Bald Eagle were found near the closely watched nest at Kirkland’s Heritage Park, and it’s thought that the dead eaglet was this year’s sole juvenile.

Eastside Audubon friend Mary Glodowski discovered an eaglet's leg amid some downy feathers on the evening of May 21 at the base of the nest tree and reported her finding to officials and to EAS.

The cause of death is a matter of speculation. “It could have been any number of things that could cause mortality in an eaglet,” said Amanda Crook, an agent at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Department office in Redmond.

Neighborhood Watch

Several neighbors in the Heritage Park area have reported behavior that looks like mating, raising hopes that the Bald Eagle parents may be trying to replace their lost offspring.

However, the adults’ behavior seems to have been observed before the eaglet died. In addition, said Brian H. Bell, one of Eastside Audubon’s most expert birders, the behavior is sometimes a reinforcement of a pair bond and not a new mating attempt.

EAS hopes members and neighbors will continue to watch the nest area and email observations to Mary Brisson. If a parent starts to sit continuously, we may be able to look forward to another eaglet this summer.

For the time being, scheduled nest viewing dates at Heritage Park are suspended.

Not Again

The loss of this year’s eaglet raised questions for some about a possible connection to the death of another young Bald Eagle at Heritage Park last summer.

However, wildlife authorities determined in that case that the dead eagle was at least a year old when it apparently broke its neck in a fall from a tree.

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