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Lori Danielson Joins EAS Board

A chapter member steps up to become a Director at Large.

Lori Danielson, by permissionInitially Lori’s focus will be on welcoming new members, improving membership renewal reminders, and updating other kinds of mailings to members.

After expressing an interest in serving EAS as a board member, Lori was appointed in May by a vote of the existing board.

Photo: Lori Danielson, by permission

Member Focus

Lori's conversations about her background and skills led to the decision for her to focus initially on member communication.

She also will be responsible for board meeting minutes.

Openings Remain

Lori’s appointment fills one of two Director at Large positions on the board, with other remaining open.

The chapter also remains in need of members to fill the Secretary position and the chairs for communication, financial development, membership, and volunteer coordination — all of which are open.

Lori on Lori

In Lori’s own words, here’s a little bit about her background:

I am a Washington native with a lifelong interest in the natural world. My birding interest has grown over the years, and I especially enjoy birding by ear.

I manage training and leadership development programs for a federal agency in Seattle. Away from work, I co-founded Sustainable Issaquah, a group that offers educational events intended to engage people in sustainable living practices.

My other interests include overseas travel, Swedish genealogy research, and gardening.

I joined Eastside Audubon in 2012 and am excited to become a board member.

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