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Meet Mel Clark, Our New Chapter Admin

Mel Clark takes charge of the EAS office as Zoe Allen moves to Portland.

Mel Clark, by permissionStarting in the Eastside Audubon office this month as the chapter’s new administrative assistant is Mel Clark.

She already has trained for two weeks with Zoe Allen, who is leaving the office position to live nearer to her family in Portland, Oregon.

The part-time administrative assistant is the only chapter’s only paid position.

The role encompasses office tasks, accounting functions, and managing the membership database.

Photo: Mel Clark, by permission

Zoe: Farewell and Appreciation

As EAS welcomes Mel, we also thank the astonishingly efficient Zoe for her excellent work, reliability, and problem-solving knack.

We’ll miss you as a volunteer as well, Zoe, and wish you all the best.

Meet Mel!

Here’s more about Mel, by Mel:

I was born in Massachusetts and raised in Kansas, then spent summers on the beach in Connecticut and attended colleges in New York and Washington.

I love to travel: Favorite trips include Hawaii, Disneyland, and hiking in National Parks. I lives in Woodinville with my husband, a native Washingtonian and software engineer, and our 15- and 12-year-old boys, a swimmer and gymnast respectively. I volunteer at the team and league levels for the boys’ sports.

I have worked in human resources as a records lead and in real estate as an limited practice officer and escrow closer. I am currently a program coordinator for the swim team at the YMCA of Greater Seattle and have taught swim lessons and led fundraising teams.

Other pursuits include dog training, sprint triathlons, baking (best chocolate chip cookies in the world!), cooking, and gardening.

I am looking forward to keeping the office running smoothly, meeting all our great volunteers, and learning a lot more about birds!

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