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FeederWatch Starts November 8

This winter don’t just stare out the window at the rain. Stare out the window and count birds for science!

Red-breasted Nuthatch, by Mick ThompsonBy tallying the birds that visit your yard between late fall and spring, you can help scientists spot bird populations in trouble and trigger protective action.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Bird Studies Canada operate Project FeederWatch, now entering its twenty-eighth season.

Do It Your Own Way

Counting starts November 8 and ends in early April.

Participation is flexible: You decide for yourself how often and when you’ll count.

You can begin any time until the end of February.

And if you take a winter vacation, you can resume your count when you get back.

Photo: Red-breasted Nuthatch, by Mick Thompson

Citizen Science for Family Fun

FeederWatching is great winter entertainment for kids and a good way for anyone to get to know birds better.

Anyone can do it, and the Project FeederWatch website provides lots of support in the form of an instructional video, tips from past participants, help with tricky bird IDs.

The site is worth exploring in its own right for the photos and interactivities you’ll find there.

Also at the website is everything you need to sign up and get started. After enrolling you’ll receive a kit containing instructions, information to help with bird feeding and identification, and reporting tools.

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