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Spots Open for You to Run in Chapter Election

November is coming soon, and with it comes the Eastside Audubon Annual Meeting and board election on November 20.

Burrowing Owlets, by Mick ThompsonYou can contribute your unique talent and point of view to help plan and develop the future of Eastside Audubon: You can run for election to the Board of Directors. The chapter needs you and your ability.

Take a look at the positions up for election and you’ll recognize where you fit in.

If you’d like to talk about any of the available positions, email current president Andy McCormick at amccormick@eastsideaudubon.

Photo: Burrowing Owlets, by Mick Thompson

Open Positions Without Candidates

These positions have no incumbent or declared candidate, and the chapter would benefit from leadership in these roles:

    • President — For a strategic thinker with management talent, this is a chance to be a conservation leader in the Eastside community. (Please note that Eastside Audubon doesn’t have an incumbent Vice President to fill this role in the event there is no candidate.)
    • Director at Large — Start small with a project. Try out a board position for a while.
    • Communication Chair — Put the chapter’s best foot forward in the community by working on the website, press releases, and email notices.
    • Community Outreach Coordinator — Bring the programs and message of Eastside Audubon to the cities and towns in our service area.
    • Membership Chair — If you’re a people person, this is for you! Welcome new members to the chapter. Be creative in supporting and involving members in chapter activities.
    • Volunteer Coordinator — Team up with the Membership Chair to help members find the places where they can contribute what they do best.

Also Up for Election

Certain board positions come up for election in even-numbered years. The members listed below have declared their candidacy in the 2014 vote, and you are also encouraged to consider running for any of these positions:

    • Secretary — Lori Danielson
    • Birding Chair — Tricia Kishel
    • Youth Education Chair — Diane Crestanello

Remaining on the Board

The following board members plan to continue in positions that are not up for election this year:

    • Treasurer — Dora Rajkhowa
    • Conservation Chair — Pete Marshall
    • Past President — Andy McCormick
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