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Leadership Crisis Puts Chapter Programs at Risk

Eastside Audubon's board election is this month, and top leadership positions are in urgent need of candidates. This is your chance.

By Andy McCormick, Eastside Audubon President

You can make an important difference for Eastside Audubon (EAS). Some of the chapter’s leaders are moving off the board, and key openings need to be filled very soon. If not, in January we will have a serious gap in senior leadership and only four board members.

What is your vision of Eastside Audubon in five years? This is your time to make that happen!

The situation is serious. For several years chapter leaders have asked members to consider moving up to board positions, and some have done that.

I know many of you volunteer and I thank you for your service. Volunteers are the chapter’s fuel. You make Eastside Audubon what it is.

A Question of Sustainability

However, not enough members have stepped up to help lead the chapter. We truly need you now.

Think about this for a minute. In January there will be four members on the board of the chapter. They are excellent board members, but they will need serious help. They will not be able to manage what we have been doing.

Like the board, some committees have reached a point where attrition has reduced their numbers. Few people are now doing the work once done by many. For some of them, too, it’s time to move on.

It is not possible to sustain the chapter’s work in conservation, education, and birding with ever fewer leaders and ever fewer people doing committee work.

Appreciation for Departing Leaders

Let me thank Mary Britton-Simmons for her many years of service in our youth education program. And thanks to Claudia Welch, who has served as Hospitality Chair for many years. To Leah Morris, who has worked on the Holiday Gift Wrap. To Linda Gresky, our departing Vice President, for her board service.

I am also changing my role with the end of my term as President this December. I will attend board meetings next year in an advisory capacity as Past President.

Let's Just Talk

The board election is on Thursday, November 20. You have a chance to continue the chapter’s service to birds and the community.

What is holding you back from becoming part of the chapter leadership? What will motivate you to take that step?

Let’s talk about it. Please email me: Or phone me: 425-518-0892.

Timetable for Filling the Gaps

Key milestones in the process of bringing in new board members and more volunteers are coming up  soon:

Annual Appeal Letter (November) — Volunteer preference check-off form will be mailed to members.
Election Meeting (November 20) — New board members will be elected. We need candidates!
Volunteer dinner and installation of new board members (January 22) — Will you be among those installed on the board?
Board retreat (January, date to be determined)


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