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Submitting an Article for the Corvid Crier

We welcome your short articles

By Lori Danielson

Contributed content for the electronic Corvid Crier or the new printed Corvid Crier Quarterly is welcome. Email your article contributions for either newsletter to

Deadlines for the Electronic Corvid Crier

Steller's Jay, by Mick ThomsponTo contribute an article for the emailed newsletter that goes to EAS members and interested non-members, send the article by the 10th of the prior month for inclusion in the February, March, May, June, November, or December issues. (There’s no August issue.) Lori Danielson coordinates and assembles the electronic Crier.

Photo: Steller's Jay, by Mick Thompson

New Printed Corvid Crier Quarterly

Volunteer Cate Forsyth will be managing the content for the Chapter’s new printed quarterly, which will be issued in January, April, July, and October only to Eastside Audubon members.

Deadlines for the quarterly will be December 1, March 1, June 1, and September 1 for printing in the following month's issue. Questions about either newsletter can be sent to

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