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Thank You Volunteers!

Recognition of the many people who make Eastside Audubon a vibrant organization

By Jan McGruder

So many of you do so much for the Chapter, I don’t know if I can do everyone justice.

First, the Board of Directors: Diane Crestanello, Lori Danielson, Tricia Kishel, Pete Marshall, Andy McCormick, Marlene Meyer, and Dora Rajkhowa. You all put in many hours each month with meetings and heading up your committees, all to steer this Chapter in the direction we’ve set for ourselves.

Contributing Hours of Effort

Then there are those who head up subcommittees or participate significantly in keeping the Chapter going: Hugh Jennings organizes field trips, Margaret Lie and Roberta Lewandowski manage the Christmas gift wrap events, Cate Forsyth edits the quarterly Corvid Crier, Antonio Montañana arranges the monthly programs, and Jim Rettig emcees the monthly meetings. Mick Thompson is our Chapter photographer and manages our EAS Facebook account. Regular office volunteers are Bev and Hugh Jennings, Jill Keeney, Helen LaBouy, Margaret Lie and Pat Vernie.


The Youth Education Committee – organized by a whole team of volunteers who share leadership –including Candy Allen, Mary Britton-Simmons, Margie Huff, Jill Keeney, Margaret Lie, Barbara Picat, Tora Roksvog and (retiring) Jim and Shirlee Hall. These stalwart volunteers give classroom presentations, organize family bird walks, award scholarships, participate in science fairs, and organize events throughour East King County.

Work on the Audubon BirdLoop

The first Saturday of every month we have work parties at Marymoor Park and without the leadership of Glenn Eades, Tim McGruder and Jim Rettig, EAS wouldn’t have made such a huge impact at the park.

Park Rangers

The Juanita Bay Rangers: Doyne Alward-Morrison, Ryan Boyle, Ernie Brown, Bonnie Burns, Wendy Fawcett, June Fletcher, Nona Ganz, Tom Grismer, Faye Haas, Diane Hill, Jan Johnson, Sally Kinsman, Ted Marx, Kathy Schuler and Mary Nell Sikorra. At Juanita Bay Park, the Rangers lead nature walks, work with classrooms and are welcoming ambassadors to all who visit the park.

Fundraising Effort

Spotted Towhee, by Mick ThompsonAndy McCormick leads the Birdathon effort again this year, which is the Chapter’s biggest annual fundraiser. I know this is a big job and I appreciate Andy taking this on.


Marlene Meyer and Roberta Lewandowski have been helping out with Chapter publicity. Their work has been invaluable to the Chapter, as Mary Brisson moved and left a big hole in the Chapter’s communications. We’re still looking for someone to update the website on a monthly basis and someone to head up the publicity committee. Please contact Marlene if you can help.

Photo: Spotted Towhee, by Mick Thompson


Our previous Hospitality Chair fell ill and Diane Crestanello has been filling in for the Program Nights, but we need someone to take over this position. Please contact me if you’d like to learn more.

Last, but not least, I’m very grateful for the volunteers who bring treats to meetings, help with mailing parties, distribute posters, and all the behind-the-scenes workers who keep this Chapter humming.

I’m grateful for each and every one of you. Without all of you, we would not be who we are. Thank you all!

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The mission of Eastside Audubon is to protect, preserve and enhance natural ecosystems and our communities for the benefit of birds, other wildlife and people.