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Holiday Gift Wrap-up

Another successful fundraiser for Eastside Audubon

By Roberta Lewandowski

Once again, dozens of volunteers stepped up to the plate for the annual gift wrapping project to benefit EAS. A host of gift wrappers, sewing experts, supply haulers, and Jim and Nancy Roberts, by Roberta Lewandowskipublicity planners made the gift wrap project a success again this year. We set up at the Issaquah REI for nine days, with shifts of three hours each.

Our hard working volunteers sold 414 handmade gift bags, a big increase from the 230 we sold last year. People mentioned that they loved the colorful fabrics and festive ribbons, and the fact that the gift bags are a zero waste option. The bags have the added benefit of being a lasting reminder of Audubon. We also wrapped with traditional wrap, including a snowboard! And we increased our gross revenue to $4,351, up nearly $200 from last year.

Photo: Nancy and Jim Roberts at Issaquah REI, by Roberta Lewandowski

Part of the fun of the gift wrap project is interacting with the people who stop by. One man didn’t think our markers properly obliterated the price tag, so he skipped the wrap…but he came back an hour or so later with a package of Sharpies for us, and a five dollar donation!

Bev Jennings reported, “All one fellow wanted was a box, Hugh located a good one for the small, solid shape bundle - the man donated $10 right then!” Wow. Several people were especially generous with donating and I'd blurt out, “Please come on a field trip with us - you'll see then what fun it is". I wanted to relay to them to please really understand the great worth of Audubon chapters, that we learn so much just get to know this non-profit you're donating to!

We did have lots of bird questions and many people signed up to get more information about our activities. We overheard many of the volunteers chatting with customers and handing out candy while also pointing out the interesting trips and classes EAS offers.

REI staff expressed appreciation for the services rendered to their customers, and the Eastside Audubon Society is most grateful to the busy REI staff for allowing us once again to become part of their holiday scene. Thanks mostly to the many volunteers who put in so many hours to once again make this event such a success.

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