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Acorn Woodpecker added to Christmas Bird Count

Additions to the CBC and a special, rare sighting of the Acorn Woodpecker.

By Sharon Cormier-Aagaard

An Acorn Woodpecker, a rarity for this part of our state, has been added as a count week bird to the Eastside Audubon 2016 Christmas Bird Count (CBC)!  In January, I received a generous and thoughtful email that a woman in Sammamish (a city in the center of our CBC circle) had an Acorn Woodpecker visiting her feeder since early December. The email went on to say that the woman had provided a photo to confirm the ID, and that the woodpecker had been regular pretty much every day. It's believed this would be the 6th sighting for King County! And, a first-ever species for Eastside's CBC!

Here's a recap that includes this late-addition species: Overall, there were 105 species seen on our December 17, 2016 “count day”. This beats the previous high of 97 in 2014. Plus, we had an additional 5 “count week” birds (species reported 3 days before or 3 days after, but not on Dec 17), for a grand total of 110 species for this year’s CBC, matching our previous highest count of 110 total birds in 2014. Birding is so much fun!

Photo: Acorn Woodpecker, by Mick Thompson

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