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Climate March

Eastside Audubon Members at People’s Climate March

By Andy McCormick

A group of nine Eastside Audubon members participated in the People’s Climate March in Seattle on Saturday, April 29, the 100th day that President Donald Trump had been in office. The march began at Occidental Park near Pioneer Square and headed up Fourth Avenue to Westlake Square where several speakers rallied the crowd of about 2,500 to support efforts to reduce global warming. 

The marchers also protested the recent threats to budget cuts for the Environmental Protection Agency and rollbacks in protections from air pollution, from coal-fired power plants, and greenhouse gas emissions. 

“There is no planet B,” was a frequent warning on signs and by speakers. A number of marchers wore a cape with a large photo of planet Earth waving in the light breeze as they walked along. 

Representing Eastside Audubon were board members Pete Marshall, Conservation Chair, and Marlene Meyer; Conservation Committee members Leslie Waters, Linda Sue Thompson, Nancy Weisel, and Andy McCormick; and chapter members Jim and Nancy Roberts, and Gary Luhm. 

Eastside Audubon has made a commitment to help prevent further warming of the planet. The chapter has joined other Washington State chapters of the Audubon Society in pledging to divest from any investments in fossil fuels. Eastside Audubon has now completed divestment and all our holdings are now 100% fossil free. 

EAS Marchers

Photo caption: 

From left: Andy McCormick, Linda Sue Thompson, Marlene Meyer, Leslie Waters, Nancy Weisel, Jim Roberts, Nancy Roberts, and Gary Luhm gather in Occidental Park at the start of the People’s Climate March on April 29, 2017. Pete Marshall (not shown) joined the group on the march. 

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