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EAS Book Club Update

EAS Book Club Reading List

By Becky Serabrini

Our chapter’s new book club formed in January and has been having a great time. Our reading list through September is shown below; books for October through December will be decided at a later date. Without even trying for diversity, we managed to vote in books from non-fiction, autobiography, poetry, and fictional memoir categories based on our recommendations to each other about our favorites.  I’ve been enjoying the thoughtful sharing of what interested each person the most - there can be a wide variety of reasons from just one book. We also talk about the authors; so far we've learned about them from sources that have included essays in scholarly journals, newspaper write ups, and the author’s own YouTube videos.


The book club is open to EAS chapter members and we have room for a few more people. Meetings are the third Tuesday of every month from 7-8:30 p.m. at the chapter office in Kirkland. To ensure we don’t exceed room capacity, an RSVP is requested before joining. If interested, contact me at  for additional information.


The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben


To See Every Bird on Earth By Dan Koeppel


Firekeeper By Pattiann Rogers


Letters from Yellowstone By Diane Smith


Wesley the Owl by Stacy O'Brien


Border Songs by Jim Lynch


Grassland by Richard Manning


A Hummingbird in My House by Annette Heidcamp



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