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Fishing Line Recycling Program

Fishing line that is left behind takes a terrible toll on wildlife, is a public safety concern, and damages the natural environment.  This problem can be greatly reduced by placing unwanted or used fishing line in a collection bin for recycling.  

Great Blue Heron

Over 35 states are sending monofilament fishing line to recycling facilities for processing into a variety of usable products.  In the state of Washington, there are now many locations that have installed fishing line collection bins at recreational areas.  This includes numerous state, county and city parks as well as over 60 Department of Fish and Wildlife sites.  

Birds and other wildlife that are entangled in fishing line frequently suffer a long and painful death.  Even companion animals can become entrapped leading to serious injury.

While out enjoying birds and other wildlife, please be observant of fishing locations that do not have fishing line collection bins.  If you see this, please contact the proper authorities and request that a bin be installed.  Also, if you see improperly discarded fishing line, please collect it and dispose of it in a covered container.


Fishing Line Collection Bin Photos: Great Blue Heron with Fishing Line submitted by PAWS, Lynnwood      


Fishing Line Collection Bin at Moses Lake.                                                                        

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